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These days we have high-speed internet, and everyone uses cell phones and tablets. All bookings are making online using booking plugins. In this Amelia vs Booknetic blog, we will compare these plugins.

What do you do if you need a checkup with your doctor or reserve a table in a restaurant? That’s right, you book an appointment. Earlier, it was just a matter of contacting the clinic or restaurant and letting the receptionist schedule a time and date. These days we have high-speed internet, and everyone uses cell phones and tablets. All bookings are making online using booking plugins. In this Amelia vs Booknetic blog, we will compare these plugins.

What is a booking plugin?

Booking plugins allow clients to get appointments online from the WordPress website quickly. You will list the services you are providing, your plans, your costs, and other information through the booking app.
Customers can get an appointment by booking plugins without talking to someone, only by signing in to the website using their smartphones, tablet, or computer.
As a company owner, it reduces all the burden of dealing directly with consumers and leaves you free to work on other essential items.

How to choose the right plugin?

The first aim of every booking system is to make it incredibly straightforward. No need to complex terminology and complicated workflows. It should be able to fulfill all your specifications and ease the process of scheduling appointments and making payments, whichever plugin you want. Your range of the booking plugin explicitly represents the company’s central importance to customer satisfaction.
The price of the plugin is also essential. You won’t want to spend a lot of cash on a plugin with the same functionality as inexpensive plugins.
Customer support has to be good in the right plugin. Because you may have a problem during midnight. That time you will need 24/7 customer support.

Here is our analysis about the two famous WordPress online plugins- Amelia and Booknetic:

Amelia vs Booknetic- Overview

Booknetic is a WordPress scheduling plugin for online appointments. It is possible to set up and operate this plugin efficiently. For multiple forms of organizations, Booknetic is perfect. The plugin is fully adjustable and compliant with mobile devices.

The installation and customization of Booknetic in WordPress will take only a few minutes. An elegant interface and comprehensive documentation allow everyone to understand and use all the features thoroughly. You can tailor this online booking system to accommodate all of your needs.

Booknetic has a sleek UI/UX interface that is easy to install and use and is suitable for any form of appointment scheduling. With customizable templates, form-builder, various category levels, and other settings, you may fully configure your business’s booking system.

You don’t have to worry about adding a customer to your CRM system again — the booking plugin will instantly systemize and securely process all customer information. The more insights you get from your loyal visitors, the more you use the booking system online.

Booknetic protects you from redundant resources, time-wasting, and other risks that collect your customer base and exposes your market to your customers 24/7. Booknetic has a system of 24/7 customer service that satisfies its clients.

Amelia is a reservation plugin with a lot of features that let you efficiently handle programs, visitors, and payments. The plugin has numerous features on the WordPress dashboard, helping you monitor your calendar, meetings, payments, etc.

An easy-to-use guide includes all of the functionality and configurations. It is lightweight and uncomplicated at the same time.

The plugin can easily be modified according to your business, and it is the chosen tool for facilities such as spas, clinics, gyms, etc. You can have, or sort into various categories, any amount of your services. It also has a booking wizard to direct clients through the appointment process.

Amelia vs Booknetic- Prices

Booknetic booking plugin has 2 versions for a lifetime payment:

  • Regular version- $79
  • SAAS version- $489

Booknetic has a variant of SAAS which is unique. For those looking to start a company and earn money, the SAAS edition is a great choice. By purchasing the SaaS edition, you can create your own multi-vendor appointment booking service. From the admin screen, you can make schedules depending on the rights and limitations you want and set each plan’s monthly and annual rates. As a result, weekly/yearly, the vendors that will use your service will subscribe to you and create a booking URL for themselves. Each vendor registered with your service in the SaaS version would be able to benefit individually from all the features of the standard version of Booknetic. The SAAS version has special features. Here are they:

  1. Develop plans on the admin panel
  2. For each proposal, entirely adjustable permission/Limits
  3. Subscription for monthly/yearly
  4. First month/year discounts for beginners
  5. PayPal payments
  6. Cash Portal Stripe
  7. Email Notifications for customers
  8. In the dashboard, full access to enrolled tenants
  9. The Tenants Registration Form
  10. Login for Tenants type
  11. Every Tenant has Billing Page
  12. Each tenant has a unique URL
  13. QR Code feature
  14. And all current and possible features of the standard edition of Booknetic

Amelia booking plugin has three versions for a year payment:

  • Basic version- $59/year, the price for a lifetime- $189
  • Pro version- $109/year, the price for a lifetime- $389
  • Developer- $249/year, the price for a lifetime- $589

Amelia vs Booknetic- Features

Booknetic has common and special features in its interface. Here are they:

  • Zoom integration feature

You don’t need to schedule and merge your meetings in multiple locations with your Zoom Optimized Appointment Booking system.

  • Google calendar two-way sync

You can track the weekly, regular, monthly appointment schedule conveniently with Google Calendar integration of the Booknetic Appointment Booking plugin.

  • PayPal, Stripe, On-site payment methods

These two popular payment services in the world can be incorporated into your Appointment Booking system: PayPal and Stripe. Since they are the most reliable payment instruments globally, Stripe and PayPal are the most used and most common payment mechanisms in the world.

  • WooCommerce payment method

The primary benefit of the Booknetic Appointment Scheduling plugin’s WooCommerce sync mechanism enables consumers to use WooCommerce payment gateways, including taxes and fees for their services.

  • SMS and email notifications

Send your customers some form of SMS and email updates via the Booknetic Appointment Scheduling Plugin.

  • WhatsApp notifications

You can deliver alerts to your consumers through the Booknetic plugin’s WhatsApp Notifications feature.

  • Reminders feature

You will alert your customers before or following the appointment with the Booknetic Appointment Scheduling Plugin Notification feature. Also, not only for your clients but also for team members, this notification feature is essential.

  • Form builder feature

Although the Booknetic Appointment Booking Plugin is intended for all organizations, some company procedures can require particular forms. This feature will let you create special forms.

  • Invoices

You will have a chance to submit invoices for your services with the Booknetic plugin.

  • Visual translator

Booknetic appointment plugin lets its customers translate Appointment Scheduling systems into the language they want without using any other plugin.

  • Customizable and responsive design

Booknetic Appointment Booking Pugin offers its customers a large selection of color options. The Booknetic Appointment Scheduling system, with its responsive interface, guides the users to a more significant customer experience.

  • Recurring appointments

When your customers make an appointment on your system, they pick the appointment repetition interval in our plugin and establish periodic repeat appointments.

  • Group appointments

Now easy to create group appointments in our booking system and set the minimum and maximum limits for persons.

  • Multiple locations feature

You can handle several dealers of your brand with our scheduling system’s multiple location functionalities. You will correctly map each destination, and consumers will get updates that are unique to the location they reserved.

  • Service extras

With the service extras function, you can let your customers select any extra service during reservations.

  • Deposit payments feature

Every day, service professionals negotiate the delicate balance between the need for versatility for the customer and the need for protection for their business. Although there’s no cure-all for cancellations and no-shows, there are ways to mitigate and handle them. Deposits will help solve the no-shows and last-minute cancellations problem, secure partial reimbursement for pre-booked activities, and prevent consumers’ inconvenient circumstances.

  • Google ReCaptcha

Booknetic consumers will have a chance to stop spam schedules by setting up Google ReCAPTCHA.

  • Local payments

If your client does not pay electronically, they can pay when they’re at the appointment. You can take the cash and make the appointment status payable with this function.

  • Breaks, day-off feature

This function allows you to select breaks and day-offs in your calendar.

  • Gift cards, Coupons, Holidays, Insightful dashboard, Manageable Calendar, and etc. features.

Amelia has a lot of features. Here are the most important features:

  • SMS and email notification feature

In addition to email alerts, SMS notifications give you the ability to send your clients and staff SMS messages to remind them of appointments or activities.

  • Recurring appointments

The recurrent appointments role allows your customers the opportunity to schedule appointments that are repeated by choosing the date and time of the first appointment and then selecting the form of recurrence and number of repeats in a single booking process.

  • WooCommerce feature

The WooCommerce integration’s key benefit is that it helps you use their payment gateways, send invoices, and include taxes on your services. You would require a WooCommerce product that can link WooCommerce and the Amelia Booking plugin to make this integration work.

  • Google calendar synchronization

Workers will coordinate their working day with their Google Calendar with Google Synchronization. Any appointment booked in Amelia will be added to your customer’s Google calendar.

  • Multiple locations

The plugin’s location is the location where your workers deliver the company’s facilities. Depending on the facilities you provide, you may provide one or more places.

  • Group appointment feature

Group appointment is an agreement that one or more clients make a book a worker’s service. Your customers will be able to start scheduling appointments after you have done setting up your staff(s) and service(s).

  • PayPal and Stripe payment

Payment configurations allow you to customize the pricing format and the portal for payments you choose to use. The chosen format you chose would be used on the plugin’s front and back-end at both prices.

  • Customizable design

A few primary colors and styles are used to design Amelia’s front-end types and inputs.

  • Calendar view

A user-friendly scheduler is the ‘Calendar’ tab, which displays a reservation calendar of all planned appointments and activities arranged by personnel, programs, and places. Using schedules, locations, and employee filters, you can quickly identify essential data.

  • Zoom integration

Today’s resources are delivered exclusively electronically and require a venue where online meetings can be held. Integration with Zoom, the pioneer in digital corporate video connectivity, is designed to allow you to arrange and manage online voice, talk, and video calls for such meetings.

  • Special days feature

This feature helps you set one or more days when your employee will offer different operating hours and various facilities.

  • Discount coupons

You can find the coupon tab on the ‘Finance’ list, but only if the ‘Coupons’ feature is allowed in the ‘Payments Settings’ section. It enables you to build deals to give consumers a percentage or cash discount with reduced pricing for their appointments/events.


In this blog, we compared Amelia vs Booknetic plugins. If you are looking for the right plugin for you check the features of these plugins. We added detailed information about features. We hope that this blog will help to make a decision for our future customers. Try Booknetic’s demo version.



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