Amelia vs Booknetic

If you need to check with a doctor or book a table in a restaurant, what would you do? Yes, make an appointment. Previously, just contact the clinic or restaurant and ask the receptionist to arrange the time and date. Nowadays, we have high-speed Internet, and everyone uses mobile phones and tablets. All reservations are made online using the reservation plugin. In this Amelia vs Booknetic blog, we will compare these plugins.

How to pick the right plugin?

The main objective of any reservation system is to make it very simple. You don’t need to use complicated terminology or complicated workflow. You should be able to meet all your requirements and simplify the appointment and payment scheduling process with whatever plugin you want. The scope of your booking plugin clearly represents the company’s core importance to customer satisfaction. The price of add-on

is also critical. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on add-ons that have the same features as cheap add-ons.

Customer support should work fine on the correct plugin. Because you may have problems at midnight. At that point, you will need 24/7 customer support.

This is our review of two famous WordPress online plugins, Amelia and Booknetic:

Amelia vs Booknetic — Overview

Booknetic is a WordPress scheduling plugin for online dating. This plug-in can be configured and operated effectively. For many forms of organization, Booknetic is the perfect choice. The plugin is fully adjustable and mobile friendly.

It only takes a few minutes to install and customize Booknetic in WordPress. The elegant interface and comprehensive documentation explain the booking process step by step, so that everyone can thoroughly understand and use all functions. You can adjust this online booking system to meet all your needs.

Booknetic has an elegant UI/UX interface, easy to install and use, suitable for any form of appointment scheduling. With customizable templates, form builders, various category levels, and other settings, you can fully configure your company’s reservation system. Starting from the customer service page, you can add corresponding communications, personnel, and expenses for each service. Another category of service provided by

Booknetic is customer management. You don’t have to worry about adding customers to your CRM system again, the booking plugin will immediately systematize and securely process all customer information. The more information you get from loyal visitors, the more you will use the online reservation system.

Booknetic protects you from redundant resources, downtime and other risks that build up your customer base and expose your market to your customer. Booknetic has a 24/7 customer service system to keep customers satisfied.

Amelia is a reservation plugin with many features that allow you to efficiently process procedures, visitors, and payments. The plugin has many features in the WordPress dashboard to help you monitor calendars, meetings, payments, and more. The easy-to-use guide includes all functions and settings. It is light and simple. The plugin can be easily modified according to your business and is the preferred tool for spas, clinics, gyms, and other facilities. You can have any number of services or put them in multiple categories. It also has a reservation assistant who can guide customers through the reservation process.

Amelia vs Booknetic price

Booknetic booking plugin has 2 versions with a lifetime payment:

  • Regular version 79 USD
  • SAAS version 489 USD

Amelia booking plugin has three versions, paid for one year:

  • Basic version 59 USD / year, lifetime price 189 USD
  • Professional version 109 USD / year, lifetime price 389 USD
  • Developers 249 USD US / year, lifetime price US $ 589

Amelia and Booknetic functions

Booknetic has general and special functions in its interface. They are:

Zoom Integration Features

You do not need to use Zoom’s optimized appointment booking system to schedule and merge meetings across multiple locations.

Two-way Google Calendar Synchronization

You can easily keep track of weekly, regular and monthly appointment times by integrating Google Calendar and the Booknetic Appointment Booking plugin.

PayPal, Stripe and payment methods on the site

These two popular payment services in the world can be integrated into your reservation system: PayPal and Stripe. Since they are the most trusted payment tools in the world, Stripe and PayPal are the most used and common payment mechanisms in the world.

WooCommerce Payment Method The main benefit of the

Booknetic Appointment Plan Plugin’s WooCommerce sync mechanism is to allow consumers to use the WooCommerce payment gateway, including taxes and fees for its services.

Email and SMS Notifications

Sends some type of SMS, WhatsApp, and email updates to your clients through the Booknetic Appointment Scheduling.

Reminders function

You will use the notification function of the Booknetic appointment scheduling plug-in to remind your customers before or after the appointment. In addition, this notification function is essential not only for your customers, but also for team members.

Form creation function

Although the Booknetic Appointment Booking Plugin is available for all organizations, certain company programs may require specific forms. This feature will allow you to create specific customer fields based on business needs or company requirements.


You will have the opportunity to use the Booknetic plugin to send invoices for your services.

Customizable and adaptable design

Appointment Book Booknetic Pugin offers its clients a variety of color options. The Booknetic Appointment Scheduling system guides users to a more important customer experience with its responsive interface.

Recurring appointments

When your clients schedule appointments in your system, they will select the repeat appointment interval in our plugin and set recurring appointments.

Multi-site function

You can use the multi-site function of our dispatch system to manage multiple distributors of your brand. It will map each destination correctly, and consumers will receive updates unique to the location they booked.

Deposit payment function

Every day, service professionals will negotiate between the customer’s versatility needs and business protection needs to achieve a good balance. Although there is no cure for cancellations and no shows, there are ways to mitigate and manage them. The deposit will help solve last-minute cancellation and no-show issues, guarantee a partial refund of previously booked activities, and avoid inconvenient consumption.

Breaks, day-off function

This function allows you to select rest and rest days from the calendar.

Gift cards, coupons, holidays, detailed control panels, manageable calendars and other functions.

Amelia has many characteristics. The following are the most important features:

Email and SMS notification features

In addition to email alerts, SMS notifications also enable you to send SMS messages to your customers and employees to remind them of appointments or events.

Recurring appointments

The recurring appointment feature gives your customers the opportunity to schedule recurring appointments by selecting the date and time interval of the first appointment, and then selecting the repetition form and number of repetitions during a single appointment.

WooCommerce Features The main advantage of

WooCommerce integration is that it can help you use payment gateways, send invoices, and collect taxes on your services. You need a WooCommerce product that can link WooCommerce and Amelia Booking plugins for this integration to work.

Google Calendar Sync

Staff will coordinate their business days with your Google Calendar via Google Sync. All appointments booked on Amelia will be added to your clients’ Google calendars.

Multiple locations

The add-on location is the location where your employees transport your company premises. Depending on the facilities you provide, you can provide one or more locations.

Group reservation function

Group reservation is an arrangement in which one or more customers convert a book into a staff service. After you finish setting up staff and services, your customers will be able to start scheduling appointments.

Payment with PayPal and Stripe

Payment settings allow you to customize the pricing format and portal for the payment you choose to use. The format you choose will be used for the front and back of the plug-in at two prices.

Customizable layout

Some primary colors and styles are used to design Amelia’s front-end types and inputs.

Zoom Integration

Current resources are provided entirely electronically and a location is required where online meetings can be held. Integration with Zoom, the pioneer of digital business video connectivity, is designed to allow you to schedule and manage calls, video calls, and voice calls online for such meetings.

Discount coupon

You can find the coupon label in the “Finance” list, but only if the “Coupon” function is allowed in the “Payment settings” section. It allows you to set up transactions, provide consumers with cash or percentage discounts, and lower event booking prices.


In this blog, we compare the Amelia and Booknetic plugins. If you are looking for suitable plugins, check the functions of these plugins. We gave detailed information about their features. We hope this blog helps make decisions for our future clients. Try the demo version of Booknetic.




FS Code is a WordPress Software company. We Create WordPress plugins and high-performance solutions for clients, which improves their online presence.

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FS Code

FS Code

FS Code is a WordPress Software company. We Create WordPress plugins and high-performance solutions for clients, which improves their online presence.

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