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There’s no denying that video marketing has become more popular and accessible to businesses in recent years. Despite the fact that popular platforms such as Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even your own website are excellent places to invest, YouTube continues to be the market leader. Individuals spend a billion hours every day watching material on the internet. If you know a few tactics, YouTube, nicknamed the world’s “second largest search engine,” will help the videos be discovered quickly and deeply interacted with.

Here are 10 ways to grow your YouTube channel:

Upload to YouTube at least once a week

Recent studies show that YouTube channels that upload more than once a week perform significantly better and receive significantly more suggested views.

If you’re just getting started and trying to build an audience, aim to upload a video to YouTube three or more times every week. Maintaining a weekly posting schedule of multiple posts will quickly improve your channel’s algorithm rating.

Creating a big volume of content on similar subjects early on will help the channel do well in the algorithm and establish a catalog of content that will move viewers from one video to the next, increasing their viewing duration and encouraging them to subscribe.

Create a video production workflow that will last

Even if you’re generating Oscar-worthy short films and videos, if each one takes six months to make, your YouTube channel won’t grow. People return because there are consistent video uploads at predetermined times.

Choose material for any films you want to make that you can generate and build on a daily basis, and identify ways to streamline the production process, whether it’s by setting up a workshop, constructing an editing prototype, or hiring assistance or a production team. Continue to fine-tune the subjects and production procedure until you’ve got a well-oiled machine.

Each video should begin with an engaging hook

It’s up to you and your content to pique people’s interest. If a video includes a project of any kind, show the completed product first. People are interested in learning how you arrived at such a remarkable result. In DIY and makeover shows, this strategy works wonderfully.

Telling a narrative is another approach to get people’s attention. People are wired to tell stories from the moment they are born. If you start your video with a plot, people will naturally want to stick around to watch what occurs. Personal experiences also endear the host to the audience and provide a useful segue to more sophisticated subjects.

It’d be nice if you kept titles and opening credits to a minimum

The attention span of the ordinary human is only a few seconds. If a video begins with a lengthy title or credit sequence, viewers may lose interest. People don’t want to watch the same long series over and over, therefore a protracted first episode deters binge watching.

Instead, keep the opening title and credits short and sweet. Allow the opener to last for at least 5 seconds.

To promote your videos, channel, or website, include end screens

End screens are animated graphics that link viewers to another video, playlist, channel, or website, or encourage them to subscribe to your channel. As the feature name implies, you can only include end screens in the last 20 seconds of the film, so you’ll need to think about where they’ll start.

One option is to structure the content of your video in such a way that end screens are available. The viewer’s interest will be maintained if you talk over the end screen.

Alternatively, where the end screens will be placed, you should install a slate with an icon or logo. Choose choice if you don’t want the end screen to interfere with your content.

Create thumbnails that will entice YouTube consumers to watch your video

More than anything else, thumbnails have the potential to make or damage your YouTube career. What is the rationale for this? Videos that have been recommended.

The most popular source of organic traffic on YouTube is suggested videos. While someone is watching a video on YouTube, the video thumbnail must stand prominent when it is in the right sidebar as a recommended video. When YouTube recommends your video, it’s essentially marketing it by insinuating that someone viewing another video could also appreciate yours.

Make the thumbnail relevant to the video’s title and content. The quickest way to cause visitors to click away is to show a video that has nothing to do with the thumbnail. The audience believes they have been duped. Not only will you alienate your audience, but you’ll also have insufficient viewing time, which is the most important element in the YouTube algorithm.

Try to describe a storyline with your thumbnails. Show a picture that establishes or teases the scene. Allow the audience to be intrigued by what will happen next or what has already occurred.

Many users utilize the 1280 x 720 pixel video thumbnail size that YouTube recommends. Although the images are stunning, no one on YouTube ever sees a thumbnail that small.

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Make videos longer to enhance the amount of time people spend watching them

Even if you wish to keep your credits brief, make your actual video material as long as it makes sense for your subject. Making extended videos seems counterintuitive given the famously poor attention spans on the internet. Shorter videos were thought to be superior. Longer videos, on the other hand, result in more watch time, which increases the amount of content in the algorithm.

Finally, the optimum video length is just long enough to convey all of the relevant information without becoming excessive. If you make a video longer only for the sake of making it longer, you will lose viewers. You should, however, prepare your video content with lengthier videos in mind.

To expand your YouTube channel, try going live

Live-streaming is a smart method to get a lot of information out there without putting in a lot of effort. While live-streaming has a steep learning curve, once you’ve mastered the format, it’s the simplest way to create video content.

Live broadcasting is increasingly recognized across all social media platforms. Because you can speak directly to your viewers in this video type, it allows for a lot of interaction. Live video also has a property of long watch times.

You may start broadcasting live footage with your smartphone or a webcam. In addition, webcams that are relatively inexpensive will produce high-quality film.

Collaborate with other YouTubers

Collaborations are films generated by other content creators, and they’re one of the most successful ways to expand your YouTube audience. Working with another content creator, whether it’s a business or a YouTuber (or both! ), will bring new viewers to your channel.

People are heavily influenced by social evidence. When one content creator collaborates with another, their audience interprets the collaboration as a recommendation. A viewer can try out your channel in as little as a few seconds, and if they like what they see, you’ve got a new subscriber.

People frequently overlook the reality that YouTube is primarily a social networking tool. Some of the most well-known developers become well-known as a result of collaboration and cross-promotion. It’s tempting to let your competitive side take over when you see a platform receiving more attention or developing quicker than yours. Instead, consider their achievement as an opportunity for you to grow with them.

If you want collaborators with recognizable audiences but distinct material, ask your fans who else they enjoy viewing and search for names and shared videos in the comments.

Collaborations do not have to be limited to two individuals. Different producers may collaborate on animations to obtain exposure to a wider audience.

The larger your platform becomes and the more relationships you develop, the more opportunities for multi-creator collaborations will arise. Many of the more prominent YouTube channels do this on a regular basis since the other producers become friends with them and hang out with them in person.

Create a video series

Binge-watching is a terrific method to get more viewing time out of a show. Finally, you want your viewers to be able to “lean back” as they transition from one video to the next. Series playlists, an underappreciated feature on YouTube, are one of the best ways to do this. However, you’ll need to employ them in a specific order.

You may build a series that focuses on high-performing content. Indeed, numerous popular YouTube channels have multiple episodes, each with its own focus on the subject and thumbnail image type.

When you share videos from your series, you can create a series playlist. If you use a sequence playlist, YouTube will automatically add the next video in the playlist to the Up Next section at the top of the suggestions. If a viewer’s computer has autoplay turned on, the videos in your series playlist will play one after the other.


To expand your YouTube channel, you must create YouTube content with your audience and the algorithm in mind. Make sure your thumbnails grab people’s attention and deliver on what you said you’d do. Start your videos with a strong hook and modify the material to keep it intriguing. Overall, you want to create an atmosphere that encourages viewers to keep watching.

Thanks to the YouTube algorithm, boosting the number of clicks and keeping people interested boosts the exposure of your videos and, as a result, your website. Engaging content that encourages viewers to push the play button and results in a long viewing period and session length will increase the number of views for your YouTube videos.



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